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The Kingdom of Cambodia is an independent country with a population of about 12 million people. With a surface area of 181,035 square kilometers, and once a French colony, Cambodia is the least known Indochinese country.

Cambodia has a distinct geographical personality: a wide basin surrounded by highlands. Many farmers in this basin have created simple lives, incorporating an original civilization through a philosophy of mildness. After many years of war, many people started to rebuild and reconstruct in all fields. Cambodia is divided into 20 provinces and is rich in resources such as forests, rubber, gems and fish, and has a big potential in tourism.

Cambodia lies in a tropical zone between 10 and 14 degrees of latitude north of the equator. The temperature is fairly uniform throughout the year and averages 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity

averages 80 percent throughout the day. It is higher at night and can reach in excess of 90 percent.
Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia and is bordered to the northwest by Thailand , north by Laos , southeast by Vietnam and southwest by the Gulf of Thailand . Discover Cambodia of its Treasure – the places, people and culture.
The area of Cambodia is 181,035 square kilometers, bordered to the north by Thailand and Laos , to the east and south by Vietnam and to the west by the Gulf of Thailand . Most of the country is relatively flat with some mountain ranges to the east and north of the country.   The Prize of Southeast Asia is undeniably Angkor Wat. Many have heard of the main temple Angkor Wat, but not many realize that the Khmer empire once reached in Lao , Thailand and Vietnam . In and around Siem Reap province there are over 70 discovered ruins spread over 200 square kilometres. This density of ruins is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, with the exception of the Nile Valley . Outside of Siem Reap, the number of ruins are staggering.

The people of Cambodia are comprised of a variety of groups. The majority of the people (90 percent) are called the Khmer. The rest of the population is made up of Chinese (five percent); Vietnamese (five percent); and small minorities of hill tribes such as the Chams, Burmese, and Thai.

Ninety-five percent of the people speak Khmer, along with some French, Vietnamese, Chinese, and English. English and French are spoken in hotels and business circles.

A Cambodian meal almost always includes a soup, and fish is the nation's mainstay _ grilled freshwater fish, wrapped in lettuce or spinach and dipped into a nutty fish sauce is a particular specialty. "Salad" dishes are flavored with coriander, mint and lemongrass -- three flavors that find their way into many Cambodian dishes.

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