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Helicopter Background  

   Fast Facts

  • Helicopters Cambodia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Helicopters ( New Zealand ) Ltd.
  • Helicopters Cambodia provides charters to all areas of Cambodia .
  • Customized flights for special interest, incentive and conference groups can be operated from all our locations.
  • Charter flights are available for wilderness ecotourism experiences and filming.
  • Helicopters are French manufactured Eurocopter AS350BA and AS350B2 models.
  • Our helicopters can carry five passengers plus the pilot.
  • Our pilots are from New Zealand and are very experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Charter rate of $US1375 + 10% SPT + 10% VAT + $US50 NAV per flight hour.

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This is a land of remarkable culture and history, which is gradually revealing its temple wonders to visitors from around the world. These exotic "lost" Temples of Angkor are considered one of the greatest human achievements and stand as present day monuments to the Khmer kingdom which once stretched from Laos to the Gulf of Thailand .

The capital of Cambodia , Phnom Penh , sits astride the Tonle Sap River while the central area of the country features the Tonle Sap Lake which drains to the sea by way of the Mekong River .

Siem Reap, the gateway to the Angkor World Heritage Site, is 30 minutes flying time from Phnom Penh . Our scenic helicopter flights operate from Siem Reap International Airport , just minutes away from the Angkor Temples site. Siem Reap welcomes direct flights from Singapore , Bangkok , Ho Chi Minh. Several flights per day arrive from Phnom Penh .

There are approximately 100 temples that make up the remains of the spectacular Khmer civilization. Built between 900AD and 1300AD when the Khmer Empire was a major power in South East Asia , they subsequently dissolved into the jungle when the Khmer rule became less prominent. As well as the stone buildings and temples that remain today, there were also houses, palaces and public buildings constructed of wood which have long since decayed.

The "discovery" of Angkor was made in the 1840's by the French and created a great deal of interest in Cambodia and worldwide. However, evidence points to Portuguese and Japanese explorers stumbling across the sites earlier. It was in 1907 that the first tourists visited Angkor . Since 1992 Angkor has been under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site. International and local efforts work to preserve and reconstruct the monuments.

There is no better way to truly appreciate the splendor of these architectural wonders than from the air. By helicopter you can see the vast expanse of this ancient city spread out beneath you.


   General Information and Booking

Please contact Phnom Penh Tours

The flight prices are expressed in US dollars and include all local taxes. All prices are subject to change without notice. We welcome all major credit cards.

Flight Away Times:
The away times (flight durations) specified are approximate and can be subject to weather conditions and air traffic control requirements.

Routes and Weather:
On occasion, flight routes may change at the pilot's discretion. We will keep you informed of any changes. Please note that aircraft are not permitted to fly directly over the temples. All scenic flights are subject to favorable weather conditions. The weather in Cambodia is dictated by the dry and wet seasons. During the wet season the monsoon rainfall mainly occurs in the afternoon with the mornings being ideal for flying.

Minimum and Maximum Passenger Numbers:
On the 3 Angkor Scenic flights, a minimum of 3 passengers apply. Individual bookings may be combined if necessary to achieve minimum passenger numbers. We are able to carry a maximum of 5 adult passengers per flight.

   Helicopter, Personnel and Accreditation

  We operate AS350BA and AS350B2 Squirrel helicopters, seating 5 passengers plus pilot. Our fleet is owned and operated by Helicopters ( New Zealand ) Ltd., which is accredited with ISO9002 CAA Part 135.  

The fleet is serviced and maintained to ensure maximum passenger safety and comfort. All our maintenance procedures comply with international civil aviation safety standards.

Our local management and pilots are on secondment from New Zealand . We are very proud of our helicopter pilots who are experienced in all kinds of scenic and commercial flying. They have a comprehensive knowledge of this world famous area and love to share it with visitors.
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