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Born to Italian parents, Antonio is originally from New York City . He spent seven years in the United States Military, in both the Army NG and the US Merchant Marines. Antonio is fluent in German, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese, and speaks Thai and Khmer conversationally. He holds diplomas from Tennessee State University , University of Mainz , Germany , Trinity College , England , Heriot Watt University , Scotland , Universidad Latina , Costa Rica , as well as advanced

degrees in business and Taxation from various universities in the United States . Antonio has studied and competed in martial arts and boxing for over twenty-five years, and has studied at the Shaolin Temple, in Mainland China and a Muay Thai(boxing)temple, in Thailand. He works as a full time adventurer, writer, and film star. He currently lives in Cambodia , where he is staring in Kung Fu films, and boxing professionally.

Antonio's writing has appeared in the following publications: Bangkok Post, Farang, Escape Artist, Travel in Taiwan, Taiwan Ho, Travelmag (UK), Good Morning Chiang Mai, Travellers Impressions, The Chiang Mai Mail, Marco Polo,The Huahin Observer, Centered on Taipei, The Pattaya Trader, Life Style Taiwan, Canoe (Canada), Views Unplugged, Kung Fu Magazine, The Little Magazine, Yellow Times, Bike China, Small Boat Forum, Holiday Times(Thailand), Writing World, All Things Global, The Write Market, The Rose and Thorn, Blueberry Press, The Elizabethton Star, Go Nomad, Close Quarters Combat, Hack Writers, Go World, Bike League of America, Martial Arts Planet,The Travel Rag, Black Belt Magazine, The Bristol Herald Courier, Radical Adventures, The Investment Advisor, I Soldi, America Oggi, The Italian Tribune, Pagina Uno, and The Italian Voice, Tales of Asia, Buddha Fist, Canoe (CA), Khmer Connection, Angkor, The Cambodian Scene, The Phnom Penh Post, The Cambodia Daily, Intradevi, Off Beat Travel, Khmer Youth, Crossbow Hunter, Cambodian Web, Jade Dragon, Blue Lotus Club, Double Standard, Independent Media, Kampuchea,

Antonio's travel writing was featured in an anthology, published in the UK , entitled Travellers Tales from Heaven and Hell Part Two.

Antonio's book about his studies at the Shaolin Temple , The Monk From Brooklyn, has been published by GOM Publishing, and is available at

Antonio's book, "Boats Bikes and Boxing gloves, Adventure riter in the Kingdom of Siam " is available at


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